Zuidlaren Lake and beach

The Zuidlaardermeer covers a total area of 671 ha. The Lake was formed in the ice age as a natural widening of the Hunze.  In the 12th century peat extraction began. This created a major shipping route of the Hunze via the Lake to Groningen.

In the beginning of this century, the so-called ‘made’ countries reclaimed land and this is how the Zuidlaardermeer and surroundings were formed. A beautiful rural location with unique reed and grassland vegetation. 

The real water lovers will feel in their element on the Zuidlaardermeer. There is plenty of opportunity for swimming, sailing/boating, canoeing, windsurfing and fishing. It is also possible to sit back, relax and enjoy the view. The sandy beach is a short walk from the campsite. You can laze while your children have fun with sandcastle building, kite flying, etc.

Good to know

Take a look at www.zuidlaardermeer.nl