Play Areas

There are a number of small play areas near the tent and caravan areas with playground equipment for children aged between 1-6 years. 

Further, we have special fields with more play areas suited towards older children (from 6 years).

In the village square at the canteen we have a huge inflatable cushion creating hours of fun, and a large climbing/swing/playing area.


We have many animals in the recreation area:  Roe deer, pheasants, rabbits, foxes and many birds of prey.  But these animals are not always the easiest to spot…

The animals in the meadow you can always see and are definitely worth checking out, creating hours of fun for our young visitors watching the goats.

Good to know

Play Areas

  • Owl Field
  • Beach
  • By the field ‘pinksterbloem’
  • By the Canteen
  • Across from the reception, by the sportsfield

With various playing facilities at different fields:

  • Field ‘kwikstaart’
  • Field  ‘zwartkopmees’
  • Field ‘paardebloem’

Animal Care
Our goats only eat bread, any other food will make them sick.