Bink, Bloem and Mr Mole

Meerwijck Kids Club

Bink, Bloem and Mr Mole are friends of Camping Meerwijck. In the May Holidays, Ascension, Whitsun and the Summer Holidays, they will be at the campsite. Bink, Bloem and Mr Mole return every year to Meerwijck, organising activities and days full of fun and adventure.

Bink is the beachcomber of Zuidlaardermeer, he tells great stories of exciting trips and ‘tall’ tales, he’s getting a reputation for being a BLABBERMOUTH.

Hi girlfriend is Bloem, she lives in the forest and loves nature. She is a sweet, mischievous and cheerful girl.  Together they have a small furry friend called Mr Mole. Mr Mole has lived in a molehill all his life at the campsite, and can’t wait for Bink and Bloem to arrive to have a great time!

On some evenings they will tell you about their adventures and you get to join in. These are times not to be missed so check with your parents, Grandpa or Grandma and come and join in.

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